Upcoming Grocery Packing Dates

January 1, 2019
Upcoming Grocery Packing Dates

The upcoming grocery packing dates for Winter 2019 are:

05-Jan Packing ESPHS Battlefields
06-Jan Packing ESPHS SADD
19-Jan Packing SSVP
20-Jan Packing ESPHS SCUBA
02-Feb Packing SSVP
03-Feb Packing ESPHS Battlefields
16-Feb Packing ESPHS SCUBA
17-Feb Packing Yellowknife Youth Choir
02-Mar Packing ESPHS SADD
03-Mar Packing NWT Junior Boys and Girls Curling Teams
16-Mar Packing Yellowknife Minor Hockey - Atom Expedite North
17-Mar Packing

WSCG Female Sir John

30-Mar Packing SSVP
31-Mar Packing Crush Volleyball Boys