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Welcome to Yellowknife Co-op

Welcome to Yellowknife Co-op

Store Hours over Christmas

Main Store Dec 24th - 8am to 5pm

Main Store Dec 25th and Dec 26th - Closed

Main Store Dec 31st - 8am to 5pm

Main Store Jan 1st - Closed

Gas Bar

Dec 24th - 6am to 6pm

Dec 25th - Closed

Dec 26th - 12pm to 8pm

Yellowknife Co-op Annual Meeting

Tuesday April 24th, 2018

Seventh Day Adventist Church

Come and be a part of your Co-operative!

What are some Benefits of Membership?

Save on fuel and heat! - Co-op members receive a 9 cent per litre rebate on gas and diesel purchases and 3.25 cents per litre on home heating oil and home delivered propane!

Scratch and Win Tuesdays! - The 1st Tuesday of every month is Scratch and Win Tuesdays for members only! - Members could win up to 25% off their groceries!

Gas Bar Coupons! - The third week of every month, when you spend $50 or more at the Co-op Gas Bar members will receive a coupon for products in store! Deep discounts or Buy one get one free!

Buyers Club Discounts! - Co-op members have access to many discounts at businesses in Yellowknife and beyond! Check out our partners on the website under "Buyers Club"!

Not a member yet? Join today for only $1!


The Yellowknife Co-op is here to serve our members with products and services that help feed and fuel individuals and communities. We are a different kind of business; being member-owned means that any profits are returned to our members and stay in the local economy. We live where you live, work where you work and help grow the economy right here. We are your neighbours and we make sustainable investments in the communities we share.

We pride ourselves on our customer service and invite you to visit our store. When you visit, we strive to make you to feel like “You’re at home here.”

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