About Us
In the Community

The Co-op offers both economic and social benefits. While we are committed to operating efficiently in providing goods and services to members and their families, we also recognize our social responsibility to help improve the quality of life in Yellowknife. Over the years, the Co-op has supported hundreds of local non-profits and charities.

Each year, the Yellowknife Co-op organizes fundraisers, cash donations, food drives and donates product to local non-profit groups, charities and schools. The Co-op’s members' take an active role by purchasing $5 donation coupons (located at our tills) for the Yellowknife Food Bank, the Salvation Army and the Society of St. Vincent de Paul as well as donating several thousand pounds of food to the Yellowknife Food Bank, the Salvation Army and the Yellowknife Women's Society through the in store drop-off bins.

The Co-op also allows non-profit community groups to pack members’ groceries, sell raffle tickets and conduct car washes in the parking lot in exchange for donations to raise funds. All together the Yellowknife Co-op is directly responsible for over $140,000 a year being raised or donated for local Yellowknife charities. As well, every year, the Co-op makes cash donations to Yellowknife and area schools.

Donations and Fundraising

To request a donation for your event or to request a fundraising activity at the Co-op, please complete the request form, as appropriate, and submit to member service at least one month in advance of the event. In the case of multiple requests for fundraising, requests shall be processed in the order that they are received. Forms may be faxed to 873-3769 or handed in at the Member Service counter.